Leeanna has been working with the Hoogbruin & Company team since 1994.  Leeanna enjoys two key and overlapping roles at Hoogbruin & Company. As office manager she supervises junior staff, handles day-to-day general and trust account matters, anticipates office-supply requirements, liaisons with computer technical assistance to ensure that Hoogbruin & Company maintains a technological edge, and generally oversees the efficient administration of the office. In her capacity as a paralegal she interviews clients and witnesses; liaisons with ICBC adjusters, defence lawyers and their staff, and medical experts; drafts key correspondence and court documents; and manages lawyers’ calendars.  She has over 19 years of experience in Plaintiff’s personal injury matters. Leeanna’s knowledge and experience make her proficient in the management of all aspects of the litigation process.

For Leeanna the most enjoyable aspect of her many and varied responsibilities is interacting with clients. She prides herself on being a good and compassionate listener so she can understand the specific needs and concerns the client is facing and enjoys the challenge of working with the lawyers to find solutions for those needs.

Leeanna grew up in Langley, B.C. and currently lives there with her husband Christopher and three children, two lovely daughters, Lillian and Hannah, and a rambunctious son, Hunter.  In her spare time, she can be found with her family enjoying her children’s dance and sporting activities, or hosting dinner parties with friends.

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