Lawyers for Strata Owners/Tenants in Vancouver

There are various appealing factors for people to own or rent within strata communities in British Columbia. Many strata properties have on-site amenities and other features that add value to the overall property which makes them a desirable housing option. Over 1.5 million people in British Columbia live in strata communities. 

While there are many advantages to living in strata communities, disputes can arise between tenants, owners, and strata councils. These strata disputes can escalate quickly and have the potential to make living in a strata property very unpleasant. The lawyers at  Hoogbruin & Company are experienced in assisting owners and tenants with strata disputes and guiding them through their legal options.

Challenging bylaws infractions and fines

It may be necessary for a tenant or owner to dispute a notice of a bylaw infraction if they have evidence to prove the contrary. There may also be a basis for an owner or tenant to challenge any bylaw fines levied against them. If you have received a notice of a bylaw infraction and/or a subsequent fine, one of our experienced lawyers can assist you in determining if you have grounds to defend the bylaw infraction and/or fine.

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Compelling strata corporations to enforce bylaws

Unfortunately, not every tenant and/or owner in a strata community is going to get along. The strata corporation’s bylaws are meant to govern the behaviour of the tenants and owners in the strata community. It is up to the strata council to enforce the strata corporation’s bylaws. If you feel your strata council is not enforcing the strata corporation’s bylaws, one of our experienced lawyers can assist you in reviewing your legal options.

Disputing liens against strata lots

There can be many issues for a strata property owner if a strata corporation has registered a lien against the owner’s strata lot. Some of these issues can include difficulties remortgaging the strata property and/or selling the strata property. One of our experienced lawyers can assist you in assessing your options to have the lien removed from your strata property.

Disputing responsibility for repair and maintenance of strata lots, limited common property and/or common property

One of the most common strata disputes that arises is disagreements over the responsibility to cover the cost of repairs and/or maintenance to strata lots, limited common property and common property. One of our experienced lawyers can review your legal options if your strata corporation has charged back emergency repairs, or an insurance deductible to your strata property, or you have received a demand letter from a neighbour’s insurance company. Alternatively, our lawyers can assist you if another owner, tenant, or the strata corporation has caused damage to your strata lot.

Request a Case Evaluation

Our lawyers and staff offer a personal approach to winning your case. Strata Corporations and those living in strata communities deal with a number of issues every year. We will discuss all aspects of your dispute and case with you. Helping you through this difficult time is our commitment. We are always available to answer your questions and will always keep you informed

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