Strata Litigation Options

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Strata Lawyers

British Columbia, and Vancouver in particular, is continually undergoing new condominium development and construction, which means that more and more people are residing in strata communities.

The strata council is responsible for the management of the strata corporation as a whole.  Unfortunately, conflicts often arise between the strata council and individual strata owners with respect to the management of the strata corporation. Our lawyers have experience and expertise in assisting individual strata lot owners and strata corporations resolve their strata-related issues.

We believe that you have the right to a home where you feel comfortable, safe, and respected. Our lawyers will help you fight for the home environment you deserve.

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Some examples of strata related issues that our lawyers can assist with include:

  • bylaw enforcement
  • resolving condo or strata property disputes
  • dealing with human rights complaints
  • forced sales
  • enforcing and interpreting agreements
  • tenancy disputes
  • privacy disputes
  • insurance issues
  • maintenance and repairs
  • resolution drafting
  • amendments to strata plans
  • strata fine appeals 

Strata Legal Advice

It is a good idea to consult a lawyer with experience in strata litigation before deciding how to proceed with your dispute. If you are an individual strata lot owner considering taking legal action against your strata corporation or are a strata council considering taking legal action against an individual strata lot owner on behalf of the strata corporation, contact Hoogbruin and Company first. Our experienced strata litigation lawyers will review your strata rules, by-laws, and the applicable law to help determine your rights and responsibilities and will advise you on how best to move forward.

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