Lauren has been working with the Hoogbruin & Company team since 1999. She started as a filing clerk but soon demonstrated an intelligence and aptitude that quickly resulted in her advancement to a legal secretarial position and then paralegal.

Lauren manages to see both the forest and the trees. She seems to know, off the top of her head, what is going on with any particular file at any time and can quickly update lawyers and clients on the status of their case. She is also a detail orientated person and enjoys drilling down into the minutiae of the file, combing medical records and financial information, to often come up with interesting and helpful insights.

Along with her natural intelligence, curiosity and attention to detail comes a wonderful sense of humor which adds immensely to the office esprit de corps.

She enjoys family time with her husband and two young children, Sydney and Reid, and their dog [a pit bull named Bruno]. She also enjoys sports. When younger she was a very competitive hockey player and rugby player.

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