Sexual Assault, Abuse, Harassment

Victims of sexual abuse can experience a lifetime of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual consequences. Many people, in fact, require extensive therapy and/or medication at different points throughout their lifetimes, simply to cope with the depression, anxiety and trust issues that tend to go hand in hand with this type of injury. Even with that kind of help, many victims turn to alcohol or drugs to escape the pain. Their personal relationships often suffer, as well as their performance in both school and workplace settings.

Our lawyers understand both the personal consequences of the abuse and some of the special needs of these clients.


While the criminal process is important, putting a pedophile or adult perpetrator away on sexual abuse charges does little to help an actual victim. That’s what we’re here for, and that’s what we do. We care about the people who come to us for help, and we treat them with dignity and compassion. We listen. We explain the process and the legal issues involved. We also preserve each client’s privacy and ensure access to the counseling and other services each client needs now or may need in the future.

Last but equally important, we have the experience, knowledge and resources it takes to hold predators and the organizations or individuals who enabled the child abuse, either directly or indirectly through their actions or failures to act, fully accountable. We accomplish this with thorough investigations, the use of lay and expert testimony to explain what the perpetrator did and why, and careful trial preparation designed to maximize the client’s financial recovery.

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