Strata Corporation Lawyers in British Columbia

Strata housing is a popular choice for residents living in large municipalities like Vancouver. It offers various amenities and securities that non-strata dwellings simply cannot. However, with owners and tenants sharing common property and living in close proximity to one another, disputes are bound to arise. It is largely up to the strata council, acting on behalf of the strata corporation, to prevent disputes from arising and resolving them when they do happen. 

Many strata councils can resolve strata disputes on their own or with the assistance of the strata’s property management company. However, when the strata council cannot resolve a dispute, the strata council must be aware of the many legal complexities it faces when considering the strata corporation’s legal options. This is where one of our experienced strata lawyers at Hoogbruin & Company can help.

Bylaw enforcement including levying fines, sending cease and desist letters, injunctions and eviction of owners and tenants

It’s never the ideal situation to have to take action against an owner or tenant, but failure to adhere to the strata corporations’ bylaws has to have some sort of consequence in order to maintain the value and cooperation of everyone in the strata community. Sometimes levying bylaw fines is not sufficient to enforce an owner or tenant’s compliance with the strata corporation’s bylaws. In these situations, it may be necessary to consult with one of our experienced lawyers to discuss what legal options are available to compel an owner or tenant to comply with the strata corporation’s bylaws.

Commencing collections proceedings for strata fees, fines, special levies, deductibles and other chargebacks

There are various different situations in which a strata lot owner or tenant will owe money to the strata corporation. It is up to the strata council, on behalf of the strata corporation, to make sure any debts owing to the strata corporation are paid. One of our lawyers at Hoogbruin & Company can assist in reviewing the legal options available to your strata corporation to collect on any outstanding debts owed to the strata corporation.

Enforcing repair and maintenance obligations

Repairing and maintaining common property, limited common property and strata lots is inevitable. However, responsibility for covering repair and maintenance costs is a common dispute in strata communities. One of our lawyers can assist your strata corporation in making sure that repair and maintenance obligations are met and that the responsible party covers the cost of the repairs and/or maintenance.

Strata Repair

Registering a lien against a strata lot

​​A strata corporation may register a lien against a strata lot if the owner fails to pay their strata fees, fails to pay their share of a special levy, fails to reimburse the strata corporation for work done pursuant to a work order from a public or local authority, or fails to pay their share of a  judgement against the strata corporation. One of our lawyer’s can assist your strata corporation in registering a lien against an owner’s strata lot

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Our lawyers and staff offer a personal approach to winning your case. Strata Corporations and those living in strata communities deal with a number of issues every year. We will discuss all aspects of your dispute and case with you. Helping you through this difficult time is our commitment. We are always available to answer your questions and will always keep you informed.

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