Bus Crash

We often entrust those we cherish most to the care of bus drivers and bus companies. We count on these companies to transport our elderly parents once they are no longer able to drive themselves. We send our children on buses, counting on their safe delivery to and from school. We allow them to take field trips or travel with teams to sporting events, under the assumption that the bus companies have hired safe drivers and properly maintained the buses.

Unfortunately, these assumptions are not always true. Bus crashes caused by bus company or operator negligence often leave passengers seriously injured. Bus maintenance can be lax. Even seemingly minor collisions might leave an elderly parent with broken bones or internal bleeding. More severe bus crashes can result in the death of a child or catastrophic injuries. If the bus crash leads to a fire, passengers may face serious burns requiring extensive plastic surgery.


The list of potential safety violations that are committed by bus operators may include:

• Tire defects, leaking tires or tires with insufficient tread

• Motor defects

• Faulty brakes

• Leaking fuel lines

• Broken shock absorbers

• Hazardous passenger area

• Driver issues such as fatigue, health certificate violations, traffic citations and moving violations

• License plate and insurance violations

Often, combinations of these safety violations occur in fatal and catastrophic bus crashes.


Our personal injury lawyers have been protecting injured people and their families since 1987. We have the experience to get the results you need. Injuries from a bus crash are likely to be serious and dramatically impact your future. We cannot eliminate the injuries, but we can work to ensure that you do not handle the financial burden alone.

If you or someone you love has been injured while on a BC Transit Bus, Skytrain, school bus, Greyhound or charter bus, contact a bus crash personal injury lawyer to discuss your potential legal claims. Call Hoogbruin & Company 604-609-3783 today for a consultation.

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