The Beginning of the Journey

  • We will have an interview with you over the telephone to get a quick assessment of the car crash, your injuries, and prioritize what needs to be done next.
  • We will arrange for an in-person interview in our offices, or if you are unable to travel, we will meet with you at a location of your convenience, i.e. a hospital.
  • We will contact ICBC Dial-A-Claim on your behalf and report the crash.
  • We will prepare all documentation required by ICBC to formalize the claim including: a statement, accident benefit claims form, salvage release form, and, if necessary, a hit-and-run statutory declaration.
  • We will facilitate ICBC’s repair or total loss assessment of your vehicle.
  • Obtain medical evidence from your family physician and other medical professionals confirming recommended treatment and facilitate the organization and funding of that treatment either through ICBC or your employer’s extended health insurance. This will require you signing multiple authorizations for us to obtain the evidence.
  • Obtain medical evidence from your family physician and other medical professionals providing opinions on your time off work, if any, and facilitate the funding of disability benefits either through your employer’s sick leave/disability program, Employment Insurance Disability Benefits, or ICBC no-fault benefits.
  • Investigate the crash in terms of liability, causation, and damages [i.e. your injuries]. Our office, or a private investigator hired by us, will interview potential witnesses that saw the crash or its aftermath. We may hire an accident reconstruction engineer to examine the vehicles and, if possible, download data from the event data recorders. We may have a professional prepare a scale diagram of the scene together with photographs of the scene from various views. We will determine if there is any available video of the crash [i.e. a camera at intersection, or video from a nearby commercial premises].

Step 3: Examination for discovery

Step 4: Focus on your recovery and gather information 

Step 5: Settlement or trial 

Step 6: Final Accounts

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