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Injury LawyersExamination for discovery is an important step in the lawsuit. You have the right to have your personal injury lawyer ask questions of the defendant or defendants under oath. These questions are not asked in a courtroom but rather a court reporter’s office. The questions and answers are recorded by an official court reporter and then transcribed into a book called a transcript. The transcript can then be used in court as a sworn statement.

Similarly, ICBC, on behalf of the defendant or defendants, can have their personal injury lawyer ask you questions under oath in the presence of the court reporter who will record those questions and answers, and create a transcript that can be used in court.

Hoogbruin & Company will ensure that you are properly prepared for the examination for discovery and put you at ease as much as possible. While an examination for discovery sounds stressful many clients find that once the questioning begins it is not as stressful as they anticipated.

The questions you will be asked include questions concerning your pre-crash health, the injuries you sustained in the crash and the effect these injuries have had on your life. These are questions that you can easily answer better than anyone else because it is your life that is the subject matter.

The key points to remember are: listen to the question carefully, ensure that you understand the question and then answer the question truthfully.

Step 4: Focus on your recovery and gather information 

Step 5: Settlement or trial 

Step 6: Final Accounts

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