Hoogbruin & Company specializes in helping people deal with injury claims resulting from car crashes. As a result, we have had a lot of experience handling Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) cases for injured individuals.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a crash in British Columbia, the evidence must show that the driver of the vehicle that hit your automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, or you, was negligent in the operation of the vehicle causing the injury. Or, if you were a passenger, the driver of your bus or automobile must be shown to have been negligent. Then again, a flaw in a defectively designed road, or the maintenance of that road, or a tire blow out from a defective tire could be the proximate and actual cause of the crash.

Hoogbruin & Company will provide you with advice that has your best interests in mind and our personal injury lawyers will ensure you peace of mind when it comes to dealing with ICBC. Call 604-609-3783 for a case evaluation, initial consultations are always free.

How can an accident lawyer help my ICBC claim?

Hoogbruin & Company will investigate the case thoroughly to discover all potential defendants and their respective fault. We will not hesitate to hire forensic experts, private investigators and accident reconstruction experts or engineers. It is important to conduct these investigations as soon as possible after an accident. If a witness moves away or forgets what they saw, then crucial evidence may be lost.

How to report your ICBC Claim?

You are required by law to report the crash to ICBC. However, we strongly recommend that you contact Hoogbruin & Company prior to contacting ICBC. While you have an obligation to cooperate with ICBC in the crash investigation, you are not required to meet with ICBC. It is appropriate and best to conduct your communications with ICBC (or any other insurance company for that matter) through us.

Why do we say this? Because we want to ensure that when the details of the crash are reported to ICBC that they are reported and recorded as accurately as possible, while at the same time protecting your privacy rights. All too often a crash victim will go into ICBC unrepresented, still in pain, on medication, confused about the crash details and the process, only to be interviewed by a busy ICBC adjuster who may not have the time to conduct a full and proper interview and may, knowingly or unknowingly, attempt to obtain information they are not entitled to obtain.

Our Fee Structure

Initial consultations are free. When you first contact us we start with a short free phone call to determine if your legal problem is one we can help you with. If it sounds like it is, we will set up an initial in-person consultation, also free, to explore your options in more detail.

Our fees are on a percentage basis. According to the Legal Profession Act, the most a law firm can charge a client in a car crash case is 331/3 % of the recovery (settlement or judgment). On most cases we charge 30% but we take into account a number of factors before determining the fee percentage. Factors that we consider in determining our fee percentage include: whether liability is at issue ( i.e. is the crash clearly the other driver’s fault ), the amount of vehicle damage, the extent of the injury, the time off work, the amount of treatment required, the extent of permanent injury or disability, and the complexity of the medical evidence.

The legal team of Hoogbruin & Company will do everything to ensure that you are treated fairly and with respect.

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